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You want crystal clear without all the hassle? Boise Window Cleaning not only provides the clean windows, but allows our clients to rest easy because washing windows is what we do and have done for years! If you are looking for a professional who is near by, licensed and insured, then give us a call!


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1. We are the Treasure Valley. Being from the Treasure Valley, we know Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle and the list goes on.

2. 110% Satisfaction Guarantee. We know that no matter the job, no matter the space, no matter the frequency, that we won’t leave you disappointed. We do the job right!

3. Safety. We can’t think of too many things that scare our socks off more than thinking of little Tommy up there balancing on the pitch of the roof trying to clean that house window. Sure, that window will receive a “OK” clean, but can you feel confident that Tommy is safe? Or that we won’t fall when getting back down the ladder? Or that he will actually clean the window? What was supposed to be an activity that helped you enjoy the day and free up some time, now becomes a big-time stress!


4. Stress Free. Eliminate that stress and call us! We will take on any job, and any number of stories! Your home needs us! Your office windows adorn us. OK, that might have taken it too far.

Five-Star work. Professionally insured. Licensed and highly-trained puts confidence in your decision, and let’s you see clearly (pardon the pun) that you made the right decision. We are fast and reliable. We want to make your life easier!

Boise Window Cleaning

Window cleaning for commercial or residential purposes is as essential as cleaning the interiors of your home and office regularly. This can be done on your own but professionals can make a whole lot of difference. This job is normally taken for granted and most of us tend to neglect it. This can lead to grime and dust being accumulated over a period of time and then it is tough to get them off. We have been in the business of window cleaning for a long time and backed by our rich experience, we have been able to reach up to the expectations of our customers. We have been catering to clients from Nampa, Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Caldwell, Middleton, Star and other cities in the Treasure Valley. Our work is testimony enough of our expertise in this field. We would first want our customers to be informed about the benefits of hiring professionals for window cleaning, residential and commercial, before they hire us for window cleaning services.
Benefits of Boise Window Cleaning


1. As thorough professionals we strongly believe that time is money and make sure we do our window cleaning job efficiently and promptly. A normal window can take up to five hours if you do it on your own. We can assure you that this job will be completed in less than half the time with our experienced professionals. Using the latest methods such as pressure washing, you can look forward to a spotless window or windows in no time.
2. Removing infestations by insects is the additional benefit you can enjoy by handing over the job of window cleaning to professionals. You can be assured of a clean and healthy atmosphere once our professionals are done with the job. Insects such as bees and wasps build their nests behind shutters which are rarely spotted by a layman. This can cause difficulty in operating the windows. Our professional window cleaners know exactly where to look for and remove these nests.
3. Removing hard water spots is a challenge that can be handled only by professionals. These hard water spots contain minerals left behind as stains after the water dries. To remove these stains is not only time consuming but also hard work which is best handled by our experienced professionals.
4. Another reason for hiring professionals for window cleaning is that a dirty window can cause a bad impression on your neighbors or clients. Keeping windows clean is an intrinsic part of good maintenance for your office and home. We make use of the pressure washing technique to ensure that no spots of smudges are left behind after the job is completed.
5. Last but not the least; we have all the essential equipment required for cleaning windows, like ladders which is a must for reaching windows that are on a higher level. By choosing our efficient services, you can avoid the risk of a fall as you reach for high window that could leave you injured.
Window Cleaning for Commercial Layouts
It is a common sight to see commercial layouts in skyscrapers and other high rise buildings. There is no way you can do the window cleaning job on your own in these buildings. Allow our professionals to work magic on high rise buildings backed by our two decades of experience. Boise Window Cleaning has all the necessary equipment such as boom trucks, squeegees, not to mention the experience. You can count on us to deliver exceptional services when it comes to cleaning windows in your office or home. No matter how many windows in how many floors you have to be cleaned, we are here to leave them clean and sparkling in no time. We offer highly affordable services which is one of the reasons we have sustained in this industry for decades.
Residential Window Cleaning
Homes have windows placed at the oddest of places and keeping these clean can be a daunting task. This job can be easily handled by Boise Window cleaning professionals. We offer our value services at reasonable costs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to achieve perfection, always. Our window cleaners are adept at removing not only dust but also the toughest of stains formed over time. Clean windows will certainly give a complete makeover to the look and feel of your home. Guests, family and friends visiting your home will be highly impressed. Clean windows speak of your personality. Boise Window cleaning will make sure that your windows are left ‘sparkling clean’. Residential window cleaning is an experience we thoroughly enjoy.
Post Construction Window Cleaning
Be it a commercial complex or a residential one, post construction, window cleaning becomes very ‘essential’. As you are aware, during construction process, it is not possible to avoid smudges, finger print marks and paint stains on windows. It is imperative to give that final touch to the building by cleaning the windows with the help of professionals. We make sure that our workers do not leave the construction site till the time you are satisfied with our window cleaning job. We have gained a reputation of being very reliable and dependable. Post construction window cleaning is a challenge as most builders find it difficult to remove debris (concrete, paint, plaster, and tape stickers) from the windows. Specialized techniques used by professionals at Boise Window Cleaning will help you solve this problem in a jiffy.
Pressure Washing Windows
Pressure washing is one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of stains and grease from windows. For this job, you definitely need professionals as there are multiple factors to be considered. As we are experienced we know exactly how to get the pressure right on the washing hose. Different hose angles work differently at different times of the day. Our knowledgeable professionals handle pressure washing procedure efficiently to give great results.