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Post Construction

You have to wonder what goes on in the new construction. Are there really people that work in your house that want to drink that soda after leaving it here overnight? Was leaving those nails sticking up a good idea?

You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about that before. (Am I right?)

The same goes with the windows. The paint is caked on like frosting on a Kneader’s Pie. There is absolutely no amount of Goo-Be-Gone that could take that off. But there most definitely is an easy way to get those windows clean.


For us, it’s not only “not that bad” but we enjoy the task and the challenge! It’s refreshing to see a window go from not so hot, to clean as a whistle. (Don’t try to visualize that, still not sure how clean a whistle is).

A construction site goes from icky to pristine. It’s the bee’s knees!


We have worked with many business owners and future homeowners to get their windows the way they want them. We will not be done with the job until you say we are done. What good would it do either of us if we have to answer the phone on our way to our next job site and have to turn around?

We are dependable and honest. We know that part of honest is integrity and getting the hard-to-reach corners, where few will look is part of the job. We want to make it perfect! It’s a hard goal, but we always strive for it.

When people think post-construction window clean up, they think of the window itself. There is another part of it. No razor blades. Just some good old-fashioned elbow grease and the right product. We take pride in not only working right but working efficiently and with the right tools.  This equates to less time on the job site.

We know that these cleanings can be scheduled last minute and we get that. Rest assured, we still aim to please.

If you are the general contractor, and perhaps you have built your own home and are the general contractor for your own project, this is a must. We can do it in less time, we have the tools and solutions to do it safely and efficiently, and you don’t have to break a sweat doing it.

Doing the job right leads to a brighter home inside. One of the more common mistakes when tackling this job on your own is residue deposits and streaks. We will leave zero streaks, that is our guarantee. The best way to take care of the streaks is to get the paint, mud or whatever may be on the window, and get that on the squeegee. The best way to get it on the squeegee is to have the right solution on there.

The job won’t clean itself. We guarantee that your windows will be ready for the blue tape inspection. In fact, just put the blue tape away and bank on us pulling through.

We always have and we will for you.

Hard Water Spot Removal

There is a reason this page catches your eye. It goes something like this…

You realize that in one month, the house needs to be listed on the market and it needs to sell for big money. You want the most you can get out of your house. You begin to scrub, organize and clean everything in sight. And then you see the windows and stainless steel. It’s the hard water spots!

If you have ever tried to get rid of these, you may recommend to someone who has less experience than they go get a personal trainer and make sure their arms and back are up for the challenge. Some spots simply don’t come off easy!

There is a reason the hard water spot is a pain to get off. Think of it. Water sits in the gutter, then trickles down on the window. Or the sprinklers come on, the window on the side of the house is getting pelted with the sprinkler. A water softener or not, your sprinkler water is straight from the main.

The minerals are still in the water…

So when the water and minerals hit, the sun comes up and dries the water away and leaves behind, you guessed it, the hard water spot. Minerals such as fluoride, iron, magnesium, calcium and sodium are left behind. They don’t just rest on the glass, but they get baked on there from the heat from the sun’s rays.

Have you tried looking on the internet for a quick fix for this stubborn white outline? There are plenty of ideas out there. But unlike the get rich quick scheme you just read about, this one is won with time and hard work. If it were easy, or if there were a clear solution (pardon the pun), don’t you think the websites would be saying the same thing?

Well, they are not saying the same thing. That may lead you to call us for a quote at  208-891-4200. It takes some manpower and man-hours to get this job done.

There are some cleaners that are better than others, but the best cleaner out there is us! We don’t just show up and clean a window. We can do the clean, but only after we have made sure the hard water is gone. What good does cleaning do when we have failed to get the stains off? The answer is clear!

Hard water spots can accumulate just as soon as your water is turned off next. A couple of tips that will help. You may want to get your lawn maintenance crew out there to get the sprinklers off the house and windows. Prevention is the name of the game.

Ask for our coating we can give your windows. Many testimonials will lead you to believe that this protective coat will save your bacon in the long run.

Call us! We have been in the Boise Valley for over 20 years.

We know that you don’t look forward to working hard, but we would like to work harder than the hard water and get your home in the best shape and condition it has been in for years!

It’s a hard task, and someone has to do it.


If you live in a one-story house, then we are your sure bet to the best window cleaners in Boise! If you live in a two-story house, or any-story house, then you need See what I did there? No matter your house, then give us a call. We are licensed and insured.

You know the drill though, don’t you? Every Saturday, the carpets get a vacuum, the trashes gets taken out, the grass gets a fresh cut, our inside windows may even be regularly cleaned, but what about our outside windows? Let’s pause and think how crazy is it first of all, that we will wash the inside of our window while leaving the other half on its own… But I think that is a topic for another day.

Leaving the windows uncleaned, and especially not touched or cleaned in a long period of time, chemicals, residue, and the elements will combine to create deposits that become harder to take care of and remove from your windows. Regular and consistent cleans will be the easiest and most efficient way for those windows to be sparkling!

If you are hosting a family party, having the in-laws over, need some old stains removed, getting the hard water spots off, or you simply just want to have the job done for right, then simply fill out the form and we will get you a quote.

If you are a home-builder or you are about to move into a house, then you have noticed that there are windows that need a little extra work. We can help there too!

Sparkly-clean is what we do. Is there really a need to explain more? Probably not, but to leave this topic alone without letting our years of experience speak would not be fair to you. You deserve to hear more…

There are windows in the eves or windows over the bushes. Yeah yeah, you say it’s no big deal. But if it’s no big deal, is there a reason that you haven’t touched those windows this year? In the last two years? C’mon, be honest. If the outside windows are left to you, how many excuses can you think of before getting the ladder out and getting the job done?

Streak-free.. ahhhhhh… Streak-free is the end goal and using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies helps give our customers the confidence that only the best window cleaners in town can provide.

At this point, you are thinking “But how easy is streak-free?. Well for you.. ehhh, well…. not really sure on that one. But with, it really is easy. The right tools not only help, but help us get there, and get away with no trace (cough) I mean streak, of evidence.

Wait for what? no evidence? Well minus the ID badges. All employees carry their ID badges. This is a relationship we hope to have for years to come. We understand that a relationship that will grow is going to be based on trust, and we aim to build that trust.

Again, give us a call or fill out that form up top on the side there (you might have to roll that scroll up to the top to do that one).  We know with 100% confidence that your windows, will never have felt better, until after they receive their first bath in quite some time.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning… The phrase embodies so much! Face it, you just got an adrenaline rush and you are running to get your ladder right now…. riiiiight??? It’s everyone’s dream to grab a ladder, the power washer, some gloves, and smell the sweet aromas of the mushy mud and composting leaves. What do you see in your mind’s eye? Do you see warmth and sun rays? The sure bet is you see a cloudy fall day.

Now, back to reality-

Said fall day is cold, overcast and wind and leaves blowing. Try some garbage sacks (let’s hope those sacks are waterproof), and grab what tools you feel will work.

For something that should be done at least twice a year, this job gets left behind, but for a reason. To do the job right takes the right equipment and a love for a dirty job. We use powerwashers and we clean up when we are done. Doesn’t that just sound a lot better?

Heaven forbid you to take your hose up on top of the ladder and try to get something started. You will soon find the damned water overflowing, worse than it was before, and now you have a dirty, smelly mess.

Or you try to scoop out one handful at a time the goopy, sloshy clumps of mud and leaves. Remember, there is a reason it is clogged. Gravity and water have already tried running their natural course, but a few too many things have gotten in the way.

9 of 10 gutters get cleaned when it’s too late, and too late can also mean, too late in the season.

Cleaning gutters is prevention. That’s the bottom line. Prevention for your foundation as flooding can occur. Prevention for your windows to help them stay clean and keep the run-off running down the drain and out the downspout. The run-off is only as clean as its source. So how about, eliminating the dirt and buildup in the gutter and getting the water down the drain and not on your house, foundation, or windows.

Homeowners across America are still trying to find the best way to clean their gutters, but their list of reasons why they don’t end up doing this more than once every blue moon include:

  • Sharp Pine Needles
  • Petrified Mud
  • The Smells (two votes for this one)
  • Disposal of the waste
  • Lack of Equipment
  • Not knowing where to start on the project
  • Fear of Heights
  • Bad Weather
  • Waterproof Gloves, clothes, etc.

Your gutters alone are designed to hold gallons of water but often overlooked are the nails and supports that keep those gutters hanging on for dear life. The weight from the leaves, debris, pine needles, dirt, mud, and damned water make it nearly impossible to escape untouched by damage. How many houses have you seen damaged fascia boards? This is fairly common and usually will not happen in the first 10 years of a home; however, it happens more and more.

Glass Restoration

Have you ever wanted to throw money away? Or have you heard the ole’ adage, “a penny saved is a penny earned”? Of course, you have! Did you know that by just a few minutes on this webpage you can save more than just a penny!?

Pull up a seat! You have lots to learn!

Broken windows have a right to be laid to rest. They are done. They are what we would like to call, past their prime.

Has your window been vandalized? Maybe you have “fingernail” scratches in the glass. Instead of replacing the glass, think about restoring the glass. Is the glass more translucent than it is transparent?

Restore the glass.

How does this happen?

Well, consider this. The machinery and expertise will determine if the piece of glass can be restored. Tinted windows and curved pieces aren’t all able to be restored, but more on this later. Simply put the process is this: 6,000 rpm’s, abrasions, heating, cooling, water, and polish.

Think of waxing a car. The flatter the surface, the easier it is to wax. Same with removing scratches. The pad only needs to hit the scratch to remove that stress point or acute indentation.

Removing a scratch strengthens the glass. Some may be led to think that this may weaken the glass but don’t be fooled. If you remove the crease, the glass now has the strength of the whole piece instead of a weak spot at which to bend.

Is there a scratch that can’t be removed?

Sure there is. But we are looking for fingernail scratches as we call them.

What can be done?

Tempered Glass? Yes!

Curved Glass? Yes!

Laminated? Tinted? Mirrors? YES YES YES!!!

Years of experience tell us that before you pass judgment on your glass, it would be wise to fill out the form and we can take it from there. No obligations for filling it out. No money is exchanged. This is like renting a car without a credit card and just an email. You control the process.

One of the more beautiful recreations we do is taking an old piece of glass that used to look perfectly transparent, and taking it to its original form. You know the glass. Is it clear? No way, it’s definitely more yellow than any other color. These pieces of glass need to be flat. It may go without saying but we cannot handle the tinted pieces. There is a lot more going on there that would call for replacement. Remember replacement of windows is needed for deep scratches, partial or total breaks, or cracks.

Get your glass back to where it began. This is a chance for change without having to vote for a politician who promises the moon and then asks for a bump in pay. Get a quote, see the differences and save some cash.

Our customers love the work we do. But please do note, that not one of our customers has scratched a window again for the sole purpose of having us come out again to their home or place of business. We cannot guarantee that kind of loyalty. But we can guarantee that you will love the results!

Pressure Washing

$380 for a pressure washer. Not a horrific figure. But the high psi pressure-washer doesn’t clean by itself.

It’s too bad the paint doesn’t fall off the house after the purchase. What if the pressure washer shot out water that wasn’t wet, making sure that the job was easy and dry for you?

What if after the fall leaves fell on your driveway they didn’t leave the black prints behind? Oh, how easy it would be.

But let’s be real. That’s not how it goes. The paint doesn’t fall off at the sight of a pressure washer. Or better yet, paint doesn’t just stay on forever. The leaves never perfectly fall away from the deck, patio, or driveway.

So now to start the hard work. What angle do you use? How far away should the nozzle be from the surface area? Can I be too close to the wood? Does the distance matter on the type of material I am working with? What psi works best for paint? What psi is best for concrete? For gutters?

Most things in life are obtained by working harder… or smarter (wink wink).

When the hose gets in the way. The threading doesn’t match up correctly. You spray your leg.

These moments lead to straight frustration. Work harder… or again work smarter!

We bring our assortment of pressure washers and years of experience to the playing field.

Did you know that based on the time of day, different angles will be more or less effective than others? What are those angles you may ask? A 60-degree angle is best when… You didn’t really think I would tell you, did you? But when the direct sunlight is hitting the deck, the paint is wanting to come off at that point. Get to it before it cools down.

That sounds hot? Well, it is. Put the sunscreen on.

Does your house need re-painting? Don’t think twice about prepping the siding without the pressure washer!

Do your main windows need some touch-up with no major dings? Just dirty, or smudges that don’t seem to want to come off? A high-pressure pressure-washer can do the trick.

But again, you may be one of the types that enjoy working harder.

But if time is money… We want to save you both time and money. Creating a win-win where your assets gain value, we create the value for you by cleaning up the curb appeal or prepping a house for a paint job.

One of the better options for cleaning away the oil and grease from any surface is a pressure washer. Yeah, yeah, you want to use your muscles again? If you haven’t tried scrubbing oil away, then let me save you the time (fill out the form). Even with a pressure washer, although effective still takes time. It doesn’t lift right off, but with patient persistence, the oil and grease can come off.

Whether you are prepping for a paint job, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, cleaning the cement or garage pad. Pressure washing is something we do right.

Word of mouth is usually how we generally find our pressure-washing loving clients but it is often because the clients don’t realize how useful it is until their neighbor shares with them their own personal success story.


Did you know that glass is an absorbent material? You might be saying, “Well that is nice and all, but what does that mean for me and my skyrise?” What if I told you that your two-year-old’s cotton shirt is absorbent. Have you even dared to think about not washing that abused piece of cotton after an encounter with spaghetti or fruit punch?

Now before you start pointing your finger over here, let’s make a disclaimer. We’re not saying that cotton shirts and glass absorb at the same rate. But glass left untouched will take on the colors or chemicals that it is in contact with every day. This means, that without regular glass cleanings, your crystal clear glass is as good as the elements it surrounds itself with.

Being that there are only a few skyscrapers in the world that aren’t surrounded by the exhaust from the stop-and-go traffic means that skyscrapers have a serious need to get regular cleanings.

Many office buildings aren’t skyscrapers and our crews handle those windows as well. Our prices are very competitive for the treasure valley and we are up for the task. Many business owners think it ludicrous to pay for something that only takes them a half hour to do. But let’s look deeper. Do this and now you have one more thing to keep an inventory of, in fact, a couple more things. The cleaning solution, towels, and squeegees to name a few.

It’s time. And if the old adage is true, that “time is money”, then think how much you make an hour and if cleaning your windows, although an easy task is something that you should be doing to cut costs; would it be better if those thirty minutes were spent on the actual business itself?

Because we do this every day, we have the right equipment. Boom trucks beat out ladders. Squeegees beat out towels. Streak-free beats out streaky and dirty. Am I moving too fast for you? The point is when our crew has their belts on, and they are flying from window to window,  they can do this because we have cleaned some of Boise’s biggest businesses for many years.

No matter how many windows you have, no matter how many drops it would take us to clean your windows, we want the chance to “wow” you. We do work that we can take pride in. We don’t want to leave the job undone, or streaky. We know to building a relationship where trust exists requires a few things. One of these is quality work.

Windows is one of those things that all notice when they are dirty and not too many notice when they are clean, almost a thankless job. But our satisfaction comes in knowing that we did our best.

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