All business owners surely know the need to have a good working environment. A good working environment not only helps in increasing productivity of a business house but also offers a great impression to customers and competitors alike. Cleanliness also goes hand in hand with professionalism, which is something that owners like to show in every facet of their businesses. As such, it creates a good aesthetic value, which likewise, results in an increase in business value as well.


All commercial spaces, whether it is an office, warehouse or industrial property, get dirty due to the numerous activities that happen there on a daily basis. Likewise, the need to have your commercial space in spick and span condition before the next working day is something that is required. So, who do you turn to for such a chore? In such times, you can always rely on commercial cleaning services to get the job done.

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Now, if you happen to be a business organization, an industry or any institution, Boise Window Cleaning is the one that can help you with all cleaning services required for commercial spaces in and around Boise.

Why choose a commercial cleaner?

Business owners undoubtedly want to keep the premises of their commercial establishment clean at all times. However, it is also true that just any cleaner wouldn’t really do a job as good as you’d like it to be. Very often, you might even have to intervene to wipe that small speck of dust on the table, or even the little piece of paper that’s been left on the floor. However, that need not be the case with commercial cleaning services.

When you hand over the task to a commercial cleaning service instead, they are bound to clean every nook and corner of your commercial space. These cleaners take full responsibility of maintaining cleanliness in your commercial establishment, thus keeping you free from any hassles that come with such tasks. Also, considering that commercial cleaning services are known to do a top-notch job, you can be assured that dirt, cobwebs, microbes, etc., will never make it to your property.


What kinds of properties fall under commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is basically done for a wide range of property types, such as offices, stores, warehouses, hospitals and even gyms. Such services are curated perfectly for business houses that require them. Also, taking into account the diverse nature of different commercial establishments, such cleaning services are also tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

Some of the services that come under the commercial cleaning banner include –

  • Window cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Polishing of hard floors
  • Pressure cleaning

Why should you pick Boise Window Cleaning for commercial cleaning tasks?

Boise Window Cleaning offers some of the best commercial cleaning services in and around Boise, Idaho. We have been specializing in commercial cleaning tasks for a long time now and have the right personnel who can ensure that your commercial spaces remain thoroughly clean at all times.

We believe that cleanliness plays a core part in the presentation of your business to the outside world, and take the necessary steps to ascertain that. Some of the reasons that make Boise Window Cleaning your best option for commercial cleaning are given below.

Prompt services at all times

We understand the role that time plays in everyone’s day to day lives and schedule the cleaning hours accordingly. Also, when you are need of prompt services for certain occasions and events in the office, we will always have your back.

We are responsive

One of the core principles of our services has always been customer satisfaction. So, it is hardly surprising that you will find us taking prompt action whenever you face a certain problem. If anything does happen to go wrong, Boise Window Cleaning shall always take steps to solve them immediately. As a matter of fact, it is also important that we notify you that we are certified and insured.

Our personnel and experience

Boise Window Cleaning has a large number of personnel who can take care of your commercial cleaning needs, no matter what the size of the job may be. We also make use of the latest set of equipment and cleaning methods to ensure that the task is done right.

Another big factor that counts for us is the experience. Having worked with a large number of commercial establishments in Boise before, we just happen to possess the knowhow of doing the job perfectly.

Being that there are only a few skyscrapers in the world that aren’t surrounded by the exhaust from the stop and go traffic means that skyscrapers have  a serious need to get regular cleanings.

Our excellent standard and quest for improvement

We have always looked to maintain the highest of standards when it comes to commercial cleaning. As such, we can guarantee that the amount of dedication we have towards ensuring quality in our work will leave you truly satisfied.

We always take steps to ensure that our personnel are well-trained for the future. On account of our services, you are also entitled to leave valuable comments for future improvements.

Are you looking for commercial cleaning services in and around Boise, Idaho? Get in touch with Boise Window Cleaning to get free quotes!

Did you know that glass is an absorbent material? You might be saying, “Well that is nice and all, but what does that mean for me and my skyrise?” What if I told you that your two year-old’s cotton shirt is absorbent. Have  you even dared to think about not washing that abused piece of cotton after an encounter with spaghetti or fruit punch?


Now before you start pointing your finger over here, let’s make a disclaimer. We’re not saying that cotton shirts and glass absorb at the same rate. But glass, left untouched, will take on the colors or  chemicals  that it is in contact with every day. This means, that without regular glass cleanings, your crystal clear glass is as good as the elements it surrounds itself with.

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