Hard Water Spot Removal


Have you ever tried to scrub way those spots that seem to adorn the window glass, only to be disappointed with the outcome?


Despite putting in a lot of effort and time in cleaning these stains, it is likely that you are always short of the result. Hard water spots are one of the most common forms of damage to the glass in the windows of your house, car, and glass.

These spots are primarily visible when water from sprinkler systems or other external sources evaporate from the glass on your windows, only to leave mineral deposits behind. Also, spots are formed when the glass is left unattended and unclean for long periods of time, thereby leading to accumulation of dirt particles that dry on the glass and bake on the shiny piece of clear glass.

Now, while these might seem to be pretty harmless at first, they are necessarily the first stage of glass corrosion. Over time, these spots tend to form permanent etchings on the glass and thus, begin the process of further damage.

Hard water spots not only cause damage to the glass but also prevent visibility through them. The whole idea of having glass windows is to promote visibility and such spots only turn out to be a major problem. Also, they tend to reduce the aesthetic beauty of the windows, and overall, of the house as well.

Keeping in mind the damage that these hard water spots are capable of causing to your glass, it is always important to have them removed by the earliest possible time. (cough cough) This message brought to you by – Boise Window Cleaning! Our specialty in hard water spot removal in windows allows us to clean your window glass back to their original state, protecting them from damage and also saving you from future replacement expenses.

Keeping our customers’ best interests in mind also allows us to offer affordable services that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Why prefer Boise Window Cleaning for hard water stain removal?

Boise Window Cleaning is a very reputed provider of window cleaning services in and around Boise, Idaho. This is primarily why, we, over time, have helped several houses and institutions to get their windows in perfect condition successfully.

Now, there are plenty of reasons how hard water removal is easy to do a task for us, no matter what the condition of the glass may be.

We have the right personnel

Owing to the fact that we have been around for several years now, Boise Window Cleaning has a large list of service personnel who are experienced and trusted to deliver. Our personnel can cover several areas of service, starting with gutter cleaning to standard washing  of your windows.

They are also trusted and know the job in and out, which makes it very easy for us to deliver on our customers’ demands.

We use the right material and equipment

Being equipped with the right kind of cleaning solutions, materials, and other handling equipment, enables us to take care of your hard water spot removal task to perfection. We make use of strong soap water solutions to get the dirt off your glasses, before making use of our special cleaning products to remove spots and stains. This assures complete removal and restoration of the originality of the glass.

At the same time, we also make use of the right equipment, like pad applicators, buffers, and ladders, to get the job done correctly.

Saves your time and effort!

There is nothing more annoying than having to spend your free time to remove hard water spots instead of relaxing or doing something that you like. And, this can be even more frustrating when you aren’t successful in completely cleaning them.

In this regard, Boise Window Cleaning can assure you of fine services that will completely rid your glasses off hard water spots. What’s better? You can enjoy your free time and leave all the hassle to us.

Are you looking to have the hard water spots removed from the glass on your windows? Get in touch with Boise Window Cleaning for details and estimates.


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