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Pressure Washer

$380 for a pressure washer. Not a horrific figure. But unfortunatly that’s on the beginning of the story for you.

And the end of the dry and warm clothes.

It’s too bad the paint doesn’t fall off the house after the purchase of your pressure washer. What if the pressure washer shot out water that wasn’t wet, making sure that the job was easy and dry for you?


What if after the fall leaves fell on your driveway they didn’t leave the black-prints behind? Oh how easy it would be.

But let’s be real.

That’s not how it goes.

Have you ever come across that hard to remove dirt that stuck on the walkway of your home or even that silly little speck of paint that adorns a small part of the building? While washing may be one of the most popular methods to get rid of dirt from various places but it isn’t always the most effective way.

In steps, pressure washing!

Pressure washing, or power washing, is a process of high-pressure sprayers that are utilized to remove dust, dirt, molds, paints, etc. from concrete buildings, decks, walkways, cars and more.

Pressure washing is pretty different compared to the normal use of water pipes and soap, as a means to clean stuff. The entire idea behind pressure washing is that when water oozes out fast and hits forcefully, it is surely easier to get rid of that stubborn piece of dirt or that unwanted speck of loose paint. So overall, it happens to be a whole lot better, simply because the use of powerful hoses turns out to be more effective in cleaning.


Hiring a pressure washing service

While it is now obvious that pressure washing is the better of methods employed for washing, wouldn’t it just be possible to get hold of a pressure cleaner and do the job done by yourself?

The answer to that is no! Now, you may ask why and that would be because of certain reasons.

Firstly, a pressure cleaner isn’t just any equipment that you are likely to find at the hardware store. These cleaners are pretty expensive, so purchasing one for a cleaning session once a year may not seem to be a very wise idea.

Besides, they are harder to find on rent and even if you happen to do so, the charges are likely to be sky-high even for a day’s rental. Add to that the fact that you might not even be aware of its operation and handling procedures, which will take away a fair amount of time learning them.

So, at the end of it all, it’s not really worth it, or maybe not, as you can always look forward to a pressure cleaning service.

Now, if you happen to be resident in the Boise area, looking for a top-notch pressure cleaning service, your best bet would be to opt for Boise Window Cleaning.


Why choose Boise Window Cleaning for pressure washing?

Boise Window Cleaning has been dealing with pressure washing operations for long and has built a certain level if trust among customers.

First off, the service’s expert pressure washermen are entirely aware of the cleaning agents and techniques that are needed for a fruitful cleaning session.

Second, being trained and certified personnel, these experts are aware of the precautions necessary and also how to operate pressure cleaners. They are bound to make better use of the equipment at hand to deliver the best results and with the least amount of hassles.

Boise Window Cleaning offers effective pressure washing services over a wide variety of areas of the home and is affordable at best. As already stated above, affordability is a key factor, for which, one must opt for a pressure washing service. This is illustrated in Boise Window Cleaning’s transparent pricing policy.


Which areas are covered under pressure washing by Boise Window Cleaning?

Boise Window Cleaning’s pressure washing services cover plenty of areas. Starting with the house itself to covering walkways and decks, Boise Window Cleaning can clean them all.

House washing

Pressure washing can be the best method to rejuvenate the look of your house. The outer surface and parts of a building, over time, bears the accumulation of dirt, molds, debris, and other such items. These items also become pretty hard to remove, as they tend to stick to the surface. Such items are best removed by employing pressure washing.

Boise Window Cleaning offers a very sound pressure washing technique that can clean all the surfaces safely. No matter what the surface is, we offer a comprehensive means to clean them. Some of the surfaces that we regularly clean are brick, concrete, Dryvit, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stucco, and wood siding.

Washing decks

Decks are again the ideal places where dirt, leaves, droppings, molds and paint can stick on to. Stains are also something that you are likely to notice in decks. Pressure washing the decks in your home can be a more effective means than trying to clean it by scrubbing.

Our expert cleaners make use of hot water pressure washing and the use of correct cleaning solutions to get your decks to look sparkling clean. Out cleaning approach also offers sanitary value, along with aesthetic aspects.


Washing walkways

A walkway leading from the gate to the doorstep, or those which are laid across lawns and gardens, tend to be some of the most used areas in the home. So naturally, they are also likely to see the most amount of dirty, something that only increases with time.

Dirt, molds, algae, and debris, are some of the most commonly found accumulating items on walkways. Getting rid of them can also turn out to be an extremely difficult process, especially when you are using normal cleaning methods to do so.

With pressure washing, however, our experts make use of the correct technique to get rid of all the dirt, including those found in cracks and crevices. Again, this is an excellent way to restore the cleanliness in the walkways.

Boise Window Cleaning’s pressure washing services are not just limited to walkways, houses, and decks. We have been employing this method to clean several types of areas such as driveways, patios, the garage area and more.

Have you been looking for pressure washing services in Boise? Reach out to us and get free quotes!



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