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The windows of a house are, undoubtedly, a very important part of a home. Windows are responsible for bringing in light and even keeping bad weather out. Besides, depending on the location of your home, they could even make your mornings brighter with the views they have to offer. As such, windows add aesthetic value to a home, from both, the interior and exterior. However, just like every part of the house, windows are very likely to get dirty or damaged over time as well. Hence, they tend to appear very shabby and give the home a rather dull outlook.


You know the drill though don’t you? Every Saturday, the carpets get a vacuum, the trashes get taken out, the grass gets a fresh cut, our inside windows may even be regularly cleaned, but what about our outside windows? Let’s pause and think how crazy is it first of all, that we will wash the inside of our window while leaving the other half on its own… But I think that is a topic for another day.

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You have no option but to clean your windows. While some homeowners might have perfected the art of do-it-yourself window cleaning, it isn’t necessary that everyone can do the same. Also, not all homeowners have the time to devote to cleaning all the windows of their house. This is exactly when one should be looking at a professional window cleaner or service to get the job done for you. If you happen to be looking for window cleaning service around Boise, Idaho, then Boise Window Cleaning is your best bet!

Why do you need to clean windows?

Clean windows are known to offer certain benefits and hence, require cleaning from time to time.

Windows bring light into the house, thereby reducing your dependency on illumination that is not natural. Also, better natural lighting means having better heat efficiency within your house. As a result, you can save well on energy costs. If you have dirty windows, they are unlikely to light up the indoors or allow proper heat efficiency. As a result, you will surely need to have some kind of extra lighting or heating solution, which ramps up your electricity bill.

Another aspect, as already mentioned above, is the aesthetic value that clean windows provide to your home. Good looking and spotless clean windows serve as a great outlook to any home.

Why hire Boise Window Cleaning?

It is always a very good idea to have the windows of your home cleaned by a professional cleaner or service. A professional cleaner can always undertake the most problematic cleaning jobs and still make sure that the windows are completely spotless and sparkling.

Here are some more reasons why Boise Window Cleaning should be your choice.

Boise Window Cleaning offers better results


You might spend hours and days trying to clean your windows but it is unlikely that you can match the results delivered by Boise Window Cleaning. By making use of our cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment, like scaffolding and ladders, we are always better prepared to handle any kind of cleaning tasks that may come up. Experience in the job is also something that we cleaners possess and that’s exactly what makes us a better fit for the job.

Don’t cut corners… When we wash your windows, it’s hassle-free

When it comes to cleaning windows yourself, it is probable that the time dedicated to the task would have otherwise been spent on things that you enjoy doing. This is exactly when an urge to cut corners arises. So, you end up neglecting a few portions or even miss out on the second round of washing, trying to complete the window cleaning job faster.

To avoid such cut corners or even having a hassle-free cleaning, Boise Window Cleaning can be assigned the task. Our professionals will meticulously get the job done, allowing you to dedicate your time to leisure or other matters that require attention.

Boise Window Cleaning’s services are affordable

While professional window cleaning is in no way less expensive than a do-it-yourself cleaning job, taking a number of other things into account shows why it is still a good choice to opt for.

Boise Window Cleaning bears the costs of cleaning solutions, extensions ladders, scaffolding, poles and numerous tools, items that you’d otherwise find difficult to obtain. So, leaving it to the professionals definitely makes for a better option.

Coupled with other services

Our window cleaning services come with several other services, such as roof repairs, gutter cleaning, pest control, etc. Therefore, hiring Boise Window Cleaning can help you get a complete set of tasks done at the same time and without any hassles.

What services are offered by Boise Window Cleaning?

Boise Window Cleaning offers the following services under window cleaning.

  • Washing exterior and interiors of windows, along with fly screens
  • Washing of skylights, colonial windows, and stained glass
  • Removal of cobwebs
  • Washing of window ledges
  • Washing of window frames and metal surfaces around
  • Fixing or restoring glass

These are just about a few options that we offer in our window cleaning services. It would also be worth to note that all of Boise Window Cleaning’s services are completely insured and certified. Therefore, you can hire us without having to worry about anything at all.

You can always contact us to know more and also get free quotes or estimates.


Leaving the windows uncleaned, and especially not touched or cleaned in a long period of time, chemicals, residue and the elements will combine to create deposits that become harder to take care of and remove from your windows. Regular and consistent cleans will be the easiest and most efficient way for the those windows to be sparkling!

If you are hosting a family party, having the in-laws over, need some old stains removed, getting the hard water spots off, or you simply just want to have the job done for right, then simple fill out the form and we will get you a quote.

If you are a home-builder or you are about to move in to a house, then you have noticed that there are windows that need a little extra work. We can help there too!

Sparkly-clean is what we do.


Again, give us a call or fill out that form up top on the side there (you might have to roll that scroll up to the top to do that one).  We know with 100% confidence that your windows, will feel better than they will after a nice bath and rinse from your favorite professionals.



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