Did you know that glass is an absorbent material? You might be saying, “Well that is nice and all, but what does that mean for me and my skyrise?” What if I told you that your two-year-old’s cotton shirt is absorbent. Have you even dared to think about not washing that abused piece of cotton after an encounter with spaghetti or fruit punch?

Now before you start pointing your finger over here, let’s make a disclaimer. We’re not saying that cotton shirts and glass absorb at the same rate. But glass left untouched will take on the colors or chemicals that it is in contact with every day. This means, that without regular glass cleanings, your crystal clear glass is as good as the elements it surrounds itself with.

Being that there are only a few skyscrapers in the world that aren’t surrounded by the exhaust from the stop-and-go traffic means that skyscrapers have a serious need to get regular cleanings.

Many office buildings aren’t skyscrapers and our crews handle those windows as well. Our prices are very competitive for the treasure valley and we are up for the task. Many business owners think it ludicrous to pay for something that only takes them a half hour to do. But let’s look deeper. Do this and now you have one more thing to keep an inventory of, in fact, a couple more things. The cleaning solution, towels, and squeegees to name a few.

It’s time. And if the old adage is true, that “time is money”, then think how much you make an hour and if cleaning your windows, although an easy task is something that you should be doing to cut costs; would it be better if those thirty minutes were spent on the actual business itself?

Because we do this every day, we have the right equipment. Boom trucks beat out ladders. Squeegees beat out towels. Streak-free beats out streaky and dirty. Am I moving too fast for you? The point is when our crew has their belts on, and they are flying from window to window,  they can do this because we have cleaned some of Boise’s biggest businesses for many years.

No matter how many windows you have, no matter how many drops it would take us to clean your windows, we want the chance to “wow” you. We do work that we can take pride in. We don’t want to leave the job undone, or streaky. We know to building a relationship where trust exists requires a few things. One of these is quality work.

Windows is one of those things that all notice when they are dirty and not too many notice when they are clean, almost a thankless job. But our satisfaction comes in knowing that we did our best.