Glass Restoration

Have you ever wanted to throw money away? Or have you heard the ole’ adage, “a penny saved is a penny earned”? Of course, you have! Did you know that by just a few minutes on this webpage you can save more than just a penny!?

Pull up a seat! You have lots to learn!

Broken windows have a right to be laid to rest. They are done. They are what we would like to call, past their prime.

Has your window been vandalized? Maybe you have “fingernail” scratches in the glass. Instead of replacing the glass, think about restoring the glass. Is the glass more translucent than it is transparent?

Restore the glass.

How does this happen?

Well, consider this. The machinery and expertise will determine if the piece of glass can be restored. Tinted windows and curved pieces aren’t all able to be restored, but more on this later. Simply put the process is this: 6,000 rpm’s, abrasions, heating, cooling, water, and polish.

Think of waxing a car. The flatter the surface, the easier it is to wax. Same with removing scratches. The pad only needs to hit the scratch to remove that stress point or acute indentation.

Removing a scratch strengthens the glass. Some may be led to think that this may weaken the glass but don’t be fooled. If you remove the crease, the glass now has the strength of the whole piece instead of a weak spot at which to bend.

Is there a scratch that can’t be removed?

Sure there is. But we are looking for fingernail scratches as we call them.

What can be done?

Tempered Glass? Yes!

Curved Glass? Yes!

Laminated? Tinted? Mirrors? YES YES YES!!!

Years of experience tell us that before you pass judgment on your glass, it would be wise to fill out the form and we can take it from there. No obligations for filling it out. No money is exchanged. This is like renting a car without a credit card and just an email. You control the process.

One of the more beautiful recreations we do is taking an old piece of glass that used to look perfectly transparent, and taking it to its original form. You know the glass. Is it clear? No way, it’s definitely more yellow than any other color. These pieces of glass need to be flat. It may go without saying but we cannot handle the tinted pieces. There is a lot more going on there that would call for replacement. Remember replacement of windows is needed for deep scratches, partial or total breaks, or cracks.

Get your glass back to where it began. This is a chance for change without having to vote for a politician who promises the moon and then asks for a bump in pay. Get a quote, see the differences and save some cash.

Our customers love the work we do. But please do note, that not one of our customers has scratched a window again for the sole purpose of having us come out again to their home or place of business. We cannot guarantee that kind of loyalty. But we can guarantee that you will love the results!