Hard Water Spot Removal

There is a reason this page catches your eye. It goes something like this…

You realize that in one month, the house needs to be listed on the market and it needs to sell for big money. You want the most you can get out of your house. You begin to scrub, organize and clean everything in sight. And then you see the windows and stainless steel. It’s the hard water spots!

If you have ever tried to get rid of these, you may recommend to someone who has less experience than they go get a personal trainer and make sure their arms and back are up for the challenge. Some spots simply don’t come off easy!

There is a reason the hard water spot is a pain to get off. Think of it. Water sits in the gutter, then trickles down on the window. Or the sprinklers come on, the window on the side of the house is getting pelted with the sprinkler. A water softener or not, your sprinkler water is straight from the main.

The minerals are still in the water…

So when the water and minerals hit, the sun comes up and dries the water away and leaves behind, you guessed it, the hard water spot. Minerals such as fluoride, iron, magnesium, calcium and sodium are left behind. They don’t just rest on the glass, but they get baked on there from the heat from the sun’s rays.

Have you tried looking on the internet for a quick fix for this stubborn white outline? There are plenty of ideas out there. But unlike the get rich quick scheme you just read about, this one is won with time and hard work. If it were easy, or if there were a clear solution (pardon the pun), don’t you think the websites would be saying the same thing?

Well, they are not saying the same thing. That may lead you to call us for a quote at  208-891-4200. It takes some manpower and man-hours to get this job done.

There are some cleaners that are better than others, but the best cleaner out there is us! We don’t just show up and clean a window. We can do the clean, but only after we have made sure the hard water is gone. What good does cleaning do when we have failed to get the stains off? The answer is clear!

Hard water spots can accumulate just as soon as your water is turned off next. A couple of tips that will help. You may want to get your lawn maintenance crew out there to get the sprinklers off the house and windows. Prevention is the name of the game.

Ask for our coating we can give your windows. Many testimonials will lead you to believe that this protective coat will save your bacon in the long run.

Call us! We have been in the Boise Valley for over 20 years.

We know that you don’t look forward to working hard, but we would like to work harder than the hard water and get your home in the best shape and condition it has been in for years!

It’s a hard task, and someone has to do it.