Post Construction

You have to wonder what goes on in the new construction. Are there really people that work in your house that want to drink that soda after leaving it here overnight? Was leaving those nails sticking up a good idea?

You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about that before. (Am I right?)

The same goes with the windows. The paint is caked on like frosting on a Kneader’s Pie. There is absolutely no amount of Goo-Be-Gone that could take that off. But there most definitely is an easy way to get those windows clean.


For us, it’s not only “not that bad” but we enjoy the task and the challenge! It’s refreshing to see a window go from not so hot, to clean as a whistle. (Don’t try to visualize that, still not sure how clean a whistle is).

A construction site goes from icky to pristine. It’s the bee’s knees!


We have worked with many business owners and future homeowners to get their windows the way they want them. We will not be done with the job until you say we are done. What good would it do either of us if we have to answer the phone on our way to our next job site and have to turn around?

We are dependable and honest. We know that part of honest is integrity and getting the hard-to-reach corners, where few will look is part of the job. We want to make it perfect! It’s a hard goal, but we always strive for it.

When people think post-construction window clean up, they think of the window itself. There is another part of it. No razor blades. Just some good old-fashioned elbow grease and the right product. We take pride in not only working right but working efficiently and with the right tools.  This equates to less time on the job site.

We know that these cleanings can be scheduled last minute and we get that. Rest assured, we still aim to please.

If you are the general contractor, and perhaps you have built your own home and are the general contractor for your own project, this is a must. We can do it in less time, we have the tools and solutions to do it safely and efficiently, and you don’t have to break a sweat doing it.

Doing the job right leads to a brighter home inside. One of the more common mistakes when tackling this job on your own is residue deposits and streaks. We will leave zero streaks, that is our guarantee. The best way to take care of the streaks is to get the paint, mud or whatever may be on the window, and get that on the squeegee. The best way to get it on the squeegee is to have the right solution on there.

The job won’t clean itself. We guarantee that your windows will be ready for the blue tape inspection. In fact, just put the blue tape away and bank on us pulling through.

We always have and we will for you.