Pressure Washing

$380 for a pressure washer. Not a horrific figure. But the high psi pressure-washer doesn’t clean by itself.

It’s too bad the paint doesn’t fall off the house after the purchase. What if the pressure washer shot out water that wasn’t wet, making sure that the job was easy and dry for you?

What if after the fall leaves fell on your driveway they didn’t leave the black prints behind? Oh, how easy it would be.

But let’s be real. That’s not how it goes. The paint doesn’t fall off at the sight of a pressure washer. Or better yet, paint doesn’t just stay on forever. The leaves never perfectly fall away from the deck, patio, or driveway.

So now to start the hard work. What angle do you use? How far away should the nozzle be from the surface area? Can I be too close to the wood? Does the distance matter on the type of material I am working with? What psi works best for paint? What psi is best for concrete? For gutters?

Most things in life are obtained by working harder… or smarter (wink wink).

When the hose gets in the way. The threading doesn’t match up correctly. You spray your leg.

These moments lead to straight frustration. Work harder… or again work smarter!

We bring our assortment of pressure washers and years of experience to the playing field.

Did you know that based on the time of day, different angles will be more or less effective than others? What are those angles you may ask? A 60-degree angle is best when… You didn’t really think I would tell you, did you? But when the direct sunlight is hitting the deck, the paint is wanting to come off at that point. Get to it before it cools down.

That sounds hot? Well, it is. Put the sunscreen on.

Does your house need re-painting? Don’t think twice about prepping the siding without the pressure washer!

Do your main windows need some touch-up with no major dings? Just dirty, or smudges that don’t seem to want to come off? A high-pressure pressure-washer can do the trick.

But again, you may be one of the types that enjoy working harder.

But if time is money… We want to save you both time and money. Creating a win-win where your assets gain value, we create the value for you by cleaning up the curb appeal or prepping a house for a paint job.

One of the better options for cleaning away the oil and grease from any surface is a pressure washer. Yeah, yeah, you want to use your muscles again? If you haven’t tried scrubbing oil away, then let me save you the time (fill out the form). Even with a pressure washer, although effective still takes time. It doesn’t lift right off, but with patient persistence, the oil and grease can come off.

Whether you are prepping for a paint job, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, cleaning the cement or garage pad. Pressure washing is something we do right.

Word of mouth is usually how we generally find our pressure-washing loving clients but it is often because the clients don’t realize how useful it is until their neighbor shares with them their own personal success story.