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You have to wonder what goes on in the new construction. Are there really people that work on your house that want to drink that soda after leaving it here overnight? Was leaving those nails sticking up a good idea?

You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about that before. (Am I right?)


The same goes with the windows. The paint is caked on like frosting on a Kneader’s Pie. There is absolutely no amount of Goo-Be-Gone that could take that off. Window-cleaning-New-Construction-clean-up-010

But there most definitely is an easy way to get those windows clean.


For us, it’s not only “not that bad” but we enjoy the task and the challenge! It’s refreshing to see a window go from not so hot, to clean as a whistle. (Don’t try to visualize that, still not sure how clean a whistle is).

A construction site goes from icky to pristine. It’s the bees knees!

We have worked with many business owners and future homeowners to get their windows the way they want them. We will not be done with the job until you say we are done. What good would it do either of us if we have to answer the phone on our way to our next job site and have to turn around?

We are dependable and honest. We know that part of honest is integrity and getting the hard to reach corners, where few will look is part of the job. We want to make it perfect! It’s a hard goal, but we always strive for it.

When people think post construction window clean up, they think of the window itself. There is another part of it. No razor blades. Just some good old fashioned elbow grease and the right product. We take pride in not only working right, but working efficient and with the right tools.  This equates to less time on the job site.


You might very well be excited when the construction of your new home is almost nearing completion, however, what you might really not be up for is the all the post construction window cleaning work that befalls you, as you look to move into your new place.

While we understand that this can be a painful task that robs you of your delight, it is imperative that it be completed on time, i.e. obviously before you make a move in.

No one likes to have a new home with dirty windows. Hence, one of the primary reasons to carry out a post construction window cleaning job is to get rid of all the paint marks, cement remainders, dirt and all the other stuff that you aren’t even aware of, from being a permanent part of your windows.

Now, if you are looking for a post construction window cleaning service in the Boise area, you can always bank on Boise Window Cleaning to be your best mate!

So, why opt for professional cleaners for a post construction window cleaning job?

Windows no doubt tend to be one of those parts of the house that have plenty of debris, following a construction job. Such debris usually consists of a whole lot of stuff that’s not found in other parts of the house.

For example, post construction of your home, you are likely to find glue, paint marks, render, silicon, cement and other such residues on your window glass.

While a normal cleaning process will get rid of the dirt and residue, we do know that they don’t hold in the case of windows. Windows require certain special tools and cleaning materials that get them back to the natural sparkling form.

Normal cleaning could even get the glass scratched, thereby ruining the beauty and value of it. Also, it is pretty expensive to replace glass.

So, the overall task of cleaning windows is pretty different, to say the least. Hence, is the need to have professional cleaners for window cleaning, post construction of a home.


Why choose Boise Window Cleaning?

Boise Window Cleaning has been in cleaning services for many years now, and can effectively carry out post construction window cleaning tasks. As a service provider, we offer plenty to our customers, which effectively make us the best cleaning service providers in Boise.

Here are some more reasons why Boise Window Cleaning should be your number one choice for post construction window cleaning.

Our experience counts

We have been around for a fairly long time and we are also very good at what we do, i.e. cleaning windows. Having tackled hundreds of window cleaning jobs before, we are well aware of the in and outs of the entire cleaning process.

Thus, any post construction window cleaning job is pretty simple for us to take care. And, with our expert professionals on the job, you will have nothing to worry about.

Usage of specialized tools and equipment

Our successful implementation of tasks not only depends on the experience of our esteemed personnel but also the magical tools that we use.

By making use of professional glass scrapers, scratch free scrub pads, scraper blades, steel wool, etc. we are easily able to remove all those paints and small chunks of cement that might be on your windows. We also utilize proper detergents and cleaning solutions to allow perfect cleansing. Even acid is used in minimal quantities to break down concrete and stucco that has dried up on the glass.

Besides this, we also utilize ladders and wall equipment to reach those unreachable corners or large and high windows in the home.

Affordable and available at all times

Our post construction window cleaning services are totally affordable, which makes them easily available to the common folk as well. You can also be assured that despite being priced competitively, there is absolutely no lack of enthusiasm and expertise when we carry out the job for you.

We are also available and open throughout the year. So, the next time you are looking for a post construction window cleaning job, you know you can totally rely on Boise Window Cleaning.

Are you facing the blues trying to clean the windows of your home after construction? Wait no more! Get in touch with Boise Window Cleaning to get free quotes and details.


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